DZR Engage Ep. 23 – Division year 2 and one week with the Switch

The DZR Engage crew give their opinions on the recent Division year 2 announcements, share experiences with the Switch after a week, as well as diving into the latest news around customisable schlong sizes, Silent Hunter 5 and more!

Episode 22 – Division Community Weekend and hands on with the Nintendo Switch

The crew reflect on the Division Community Weekend, give their hands-on impressions of the Nintendo Switch and some launch titles (Zelda!), share some initial thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn and get hyped for the Xbox Game Pass.

Special Episode – Men Gone Rogue P1 – DontGoRogue, TheGamingScotsman, P3T3 TT, PulseIdiot and The Clancy Elites

Special episode covering Rogue life, the mechanics, the flawes the rush of PvP in The Division, with a full star cast DontGoRogue, TheGamingScotsman, P3T3 TT, PulseIdiot and The Clancy Elites its a show you cant miss out on!

Episode 20 – Mass Effect Combat, PewDiePie Controversy and Sniper Elite 4

Oh_Gaz, Binary and Elias chat about the recent Mass Effect combat trailer, PewDiePie’s latest controversy, Gaz’s impressions on Sniper Elite 4, musings on Nintendo’s DLC plans, p*ssed off Australian police and an obligatory tale about Nioh.

The final survival before our last stand with Draven

The Armory is published by DZR Gaming and is THE definitive build, gear, and strategy podcast for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Hosted by DZR community member Hooagie and featuring some of the brightest minds in the DZR community, the show […]